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Known Accessibility issues

As part of our commitment to accessibility we are required to publish where we know there are issues with our website.

We list below areas within the website that we know are not fully accessible. We also explain what we are doing to fix the issues and give information on alternative ways you can get the content.

If you would like more detailed information on our assessments please contact us.

Website wide issues

PDF documents

Our site features files such as PDFs and Word documents, some of which may not fully meet accessibility standards. We are working to fix these documents or replace them with accessible alternatives.

When Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are disabled, buttons that should not be shown to the user can be seen and navigation menu links are duplicated. Tabs that show additional content on pages are duplicated showing the content twice as the user scrolls down the page.
Tooltips throughout the website are not keyboard accessible and require the use of a pointer to access the additional information held within. Tooltip additional content on hover cannot be hovered over or dismissed without removing pointer hover.
Grey text within the search results do not meet minimum colour contrast ratios.
When navigating the results in the search box with arrow keys, the URL of the link is read out by a screen reader rather than the visible text.

Content issues

The issues listed in this section are related to content on the website.

Tables do not resize and reflow correctly when the page width is reduced to 320px. The user is unable to scroll over to see content.
Some of our links are not as clear as they should be in what they lead to.
Focus indicators for form elements can be difficult to see due to low colour contrast with surrounding elements.
The date fields on some forms do not have accessible names or the labels are not read out by a screen reader when the input is focused on.
Pop up alert that appears when clicking 'cancel' to exit some forms ask for confirmation that does not receive keyboard focus and requires the user to tab through elements underneath before reaching the alert box.
The 'Look up address' pop-up in forms does not receive keyboard focus and is not accessible via keyboard inputs.
Throughout the website, there are documents that are not fully accessible. The common issues that can be found are: missing alt text on non-text content/images, reading order of tables, images/objects are not inline, scanned-in documents, colour contrast for text and non-text elements.

Other issues

Often there will be other things that are identified that don’t fit into the category above. In this section we list all other issues.

Hotjar feedback plugin is not fully accessible. It contains contrast errors, empty buttons, missing form labels and creates a repeated text issue when disabling Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Button to access the feedback tool is not accessible through keyboard inputs alone.


There are some types of content that are exempt from accessibility regulations. All exemptions are listed here.

We provide flowcharts to help describe some of our processes to users. These are not accessible however, we aim to provide alternative formats for explanations.

Archived information created before September 2019 is not fully accessible, these include:

  • Report and Accounts
  • Open Lines newsletters
  • Barnett Waddingham briefing notes
  • Employer newsletters
  • Employer forum agendas, minutes and presentations
  • Staff newsletters

What we are doing to fix accessibility issues

We have a plan in place and are working to fix these issues.

We are working with our suppliers to fix all the issues listed here as is stated in contracts we hold with them.

We are also working with all our staff who are responsible for content on the website, to train them in producing more accessible content and to improve all the content already up on the site that has issues.

If you would like more detailed information on our assessments, or a more detailed look at the steps we are taking to fix a particular issue please contact

Something missing?

If you believe that something is missing from this list, please contact Be as specific and detailed as you can. Please also tell us if you had a good experience on our website.

This page was last updated on 23 October 2020.