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Commitment to deferred scheme members

The table details what we commit to deferred scheme members and when.

Deferred benefit statementsWe will provide a deferred benefit statement providing details of the current value of your deferred benefits (as increased in line with the Consumer Prices Index (CPI)).
Deferred benefits into paymentWe will send details of the benefits payable and pay the tax free cash lump sum within 20 working days of receiving all information required from you, or the date the benefits become due if later.
Death of a deferred scheme memberWe will acknowledge a notification of the death of a deferred scheme member and start action to put into payment any dependants' benefits within 5 working days of receiving the notification.

We will send details of any benefits payable within 15 working days of receiving all required information from the dependants, and will pay any lump sum death grant due as soon as possible after determining all relevant beneficiaries.