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Communications policy

We encourage members and employers to use electronic methods to send documents. The majority of the team work from home. There may be a delay in processing documents sent by post. Currently we are unable to facilitate 1:1 meetings.

The Fund must provide, maintain and publish a communications statement in accordance with Regulation 67 of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) Administration Regulations.

The communications policy must be revised and republished following any change in policy.


The purpose of this policy is to publish a statement setting out the policy concerning the methods of communications with the stakeholders of the Kent County Council Superannuation Fund (the Fund).

In accordance with LGPS regulations, the communications policy details the:

  • provision of information and publicity about the scheme
  • format, frequency and method of distributing information and publicity
  • promotion of the scheme to prospective members and their employers.

A dedicated area of the website is provided for those thinking of joining the scheme containing information, guides and factsheets.

The following stakeholders have specific information made available to them:

All prospective, active, deferred and pensioner members also have access to the following:

  • change to scheme regulations - any major change in the scheme regulations is notified to you in writing to your home address
  • website - the website has dedicated areas for all members. It includes pages of information about the scheme, guides, factsheets and forms
  • helpline - a dedicated pensions helpline, 03000 41 34 88, is available from 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday
  • mailbox - a central dedicated mailbox, is provided. The mailbox is accessed by a number of pension staff, therefore it is managed on a daily basis
  • correspondence - written letters received are replied to within 15 working days
  • one to one appointment - members can request an appointment with a pension administrator any time during office working hours
  • guides and factsheets - guides and factsheets, on a range of pension subjects, are available to download from the website. We (or your employer) will provide a hard copy should you not have online access.

Representatives of scheme members

Scheme information, guides and factsheets are available on the website. Individual pension information is provided to representatives on the written authorisation of the scheme member.

Table of publications

The table below details the types of publications, the frequency in which they are provided and how they can be received.

Benefit illustrationsAnnualYesNoNo
Open Lines newsletterTwice a yearYesYesYes
Promotional guideConstantYesYesYes
Scheme guideConstantYesYesYes
Various information guides and factsheetsConstantYesYesYes
Report and AccountsAnnualYesYesYes
Valuation reportEvery 3 yearsYesYesYes