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Your Local Government Pension Scheme

Local authority entity (Resolution body)

As an employer wishing to provide a pension scheme for your staff, please be aware there are alternative options to fulfil your auto-enrolment duty. The LGPS is not the only choice for Resolution Bodies and for more information on other schemes please see the Pensions Regulator website.

Prospective Resolution Bodies should obtain their own legal advice before proceeding.

The LGPS Regulations detail the employers with who are able to join the LGPS by making a resolution. View information about the LGPS regulations (Resolution bodies).

You will need a report from the Fund actuary to certify your employer contribution rate. View information about the Actuary report including what you need to do and how much it will cost.

When an employer joins the Fund they accept ongoing financial liabilities. View information about your employer financial responsibilities.

Some employers must show their pension liability in their annual accounts. View information about accounting liabilities (Admission and Resolution bodies).

There are various reasons that the Resolution body could leave the Fund and there may be a cost to the employer. View information about exit liabilities (Resolution bodies).