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Your Local Government Pension Scheme


Communications policy

The communications policy describes how we communicate with various parties associated with the Kent Pension Fund.

View 'Kent County Council Superannuation Fund Communications Policy (PDF, 229.9 KB)'

Fossil fuels investment statement

Details of the fossil fuel investments, also includes the Environmental, Social and Governance Investment policy.

View 'Fossil fuels investment statement (PDF, 307.2 KB)'

Funding strategy statement

The funding strategy statement of Kent Pension Fund outlines how the fund ensures that there will be sufficient assets to meet pension liabilities and maintain stable employer contribution rates.

View 'Funding Strategy Statement (PDF, 888.3 KB)'

Governance compliance policy

The governance compliance policy statement allows the Kent Pension Fund to demonstrate good performance, sound management and effective stewardship of public funds.

View 'Governance compliance policy statement (PDF, 216.8 KB)'

Investment strategy statement

Details of the pension fund’s policy on investments including social, environmental and corporate governance considerations.

View 'Investment strategy statement (PDF, 310.4 KB)'

Statement of investment principles

Details of the pension fund policy on investments including Environmental, Social and Governance issues.

View 'Statement of investment principles (PDF, 911.8 KB)'