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McCloud/Sargeant remedy

June 2021

The Home Office released technical guidance for processing certain immediate detriment cases. Read the Home Office informal immediate detriment guidance

February 2021

The Government released the response to the consultation on McCloud/Sargeant, It outlines the government’s proposals for implementing a remedy. Read the guidance on the public service pension scheme consultation response on the GOV.UK website

At this stage, the government proposals do not cover all individual circumstances. There is further detail required and police pension scheme legislation changes must be introduced.

We are working with Kent Police to implement changes when we know more. If you are affected, we will contact you.

Read the HM Treasury leaflet about public service pension schemes reformed in 2015

August 2020

The Home Office issued the McCloud/Sergeant immediate detriment guidance. We are working to include the guidance into our processes. Read the Home Office Immediate Detriment Guidance (PDF, 830.4 KB)

There was a consultation about the McCloud/Sargeant remedy. The consultation ended on 11 October 2020. Read the Home Office FAQS about the McCloud/Sargeant - public service pension schemes consultation (PDF, 131.4 KB)