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Divorce and dissolution charges

Providing information and CEV quote

You may need information about your pension and a Cash Equivalent Value (CEV) quotation for divorce or annulment purposes under English or Scottish law.

It is not our normal practice to charge for the provision of information before an order is made. However, we reserve the right to charge in certain circumstances. You will be notified in advance of any charges that may apply.

Cost: £125 including VAT.

Implementing a pension sharing order

You may need a pension sharing order implemented where the pension credit member (ex-spouse) requests a transfer to another arrangement.

This covers all administration costs from receipt of the pension sharing order to completion of future pension payments.

Cost: £700 including VAT.

Objections to the order

There are costs if there are objections to the order made by the scheme. The onus is on the draftsman to ensure that the order is correct before being implemented.

Any costs for dealing with inoperable orders will be passed to the scheme member.

Additional costs

Any additional costs arising, including specialist actuarial and legal advice, will be charged in full to the scheme member.

Further information

Reasonable administration costs may be charged for compliance with an earmarking order.

Charges are subject to review each April.

Find out about the process for divorce and dissolution for the Police Pension Scheme