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PPS 1987 at a glance

All new recruits to the police service before 6 April 2006 became members of the Police Pension Scheme 1987 (PPS 1987), unless they opted out of the scheme. The PPS 1987 is closed to new members.

The PPS 1987 is a 'final salary' scheme, which means that your pension is calculated using your membership and final average pensionable pay.

Benefits of PPS 1987

The benefits of being a member of the PPS 1987 scheme include:

  • the earliest date that a pension can generally be paid is age 50, depending on the length of your membership
  • if you have 30 years pensionable membership you may retire with an immediate pension before age 50
  • you can exchange (commute) part of your pension for a lump sum
  • each year of pensionable membership for the first 20 years provides a pension of one sixtieth of final pay. Each year for the final 10 years gives 2/60th, up to a maximum of 40/60ths
  • you can buy more pension in the scheme (added years) within the overall limit of 30 years
  • an immediate pension and lump sum is payable to any officer at any age who is granted ill health retirement.

Death benefits of PPS 1987

There are death benefits which include:

  • a lump sum death grant of 2 times your pay
  • a pension for your widow, widower or surviving civil partner. This is payable for life unless they remarry, form a new civil partnership or cohabit
  • dependent children under the age of 23 may qualify for a pension.