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Death benefits

When you die, your survivors may be eligible to receive benefits from the Police Pension Scheme 2006 (PPS 2006). Survivors include

  • your spouse
  • civil partner
  • unmarried partner who meets certain criteria, and
  • children.

The benefits which may be payable depend on the length of your qualifying service at the date of your death. They also depend on whether you die:

  • in service
  • after you have left but before retirement
  • after you retire.

The benefits that may be payable when you die include:

Death gratuity

If you die:

  • as a result of an injury on duty, or
  • within 12 months of receiving an injury on duty,

your spouse may be entitled to a gratuity under the Police (Injury Benefit) Regulations. This does not form part of the pension scheme.

Gratuity - Estate

If, when you die, the various awards payable under PPS 2006 (excluding the lump sum death grant) are less than your total pension contributions, an extra award equal to the balance of those contributions will be paid to your Estate.

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