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Deferred pension

You are entitled to a deferred pension if you are under age 55 and have at least 2 years to count towards qualifying service, and you either:

  • leave the police, or
  • cease to be a member of Police Pension Scheme 2006 (PPS 2006) by opting out of it, without transferring your PPS 2006 rights to another pension scheme.

The deferred pension will be based on your pensionable membership and your final pensionable pay at the date on which you left the police or opted out.

Your benefits are increased with inflation from the time that you stop paying into the PPS 2006 to the date that your benefits are paid.

Your deferred pension is payable from age 65.  Find out about retirement.

Your deferred pension can be paid from age 55 but will be reduced for early payment before age 65. This affects both the annual pension and lump sum. To enquire about your deferred pension being paid early,  complete the request for early payment of deferred benefits - age 55 to 65 with reductions (PPS 2006) form (PDF, 125.8 KB).

Your deferred pension will be paid early without reduction if you have left Kent Police and you are permanently disabled for all regular employment.  Complete the request for early payment of deferred benefits - Ill health (PPS 2006) form (PDF, 111.3 KB) to commence the process of applying to bring your deferred pension into payment early on the grounds of ill health with the consent of Kent Police.

In general, if you resume police service having previously left Kent Police with a deferred pension and you did not transfer your PPS 2006 benefits to another pension scheme, your deferred pension will be cancelled and your previous pensionable membership will be added to your second period of membership towards one pension. You will not need to make any payments to reinstate your previous membership for pensionable purposes.

Example of calculation

You leave Kent Police with 10 years pensionable membership and a final pensionable pay of £28,000.

Your pension entitlement when you leave is:

£28,000 x 10 = £4,000 per year, payable from age 65.

By the time that you are age 65, your deferred pension has increased with inflation by 10% to £4,400, and this is the amount that will be paid to you at age 65.

Your deferred lump sum paid at age 65 will be £4,400 x 4 = £17,600.