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If you are re-engaged after you have retired, you may rejoin the Police Pension Scheme if your total pensionable membership is less than 35 years and this will build up benefits for a second pension for you.

Abatement of pension

If you are a PPS 2006 pensioner resuming service as a regular police officer, Kent Police may, at their discretion, withdraw the whole or part of your PPS 2006 pension payments during any period in which you serve in any force as a regular police officer (your pension entitlement on retirement would not be affected). This is known as abatement.

The Home Office recommends that abatement should entail withdrawing so much of your PPS 2006 pension that the total of pension and pay on rejoining does not exceed the rate of pay before retirement. If your current pay at least equals your previous pay, your pension is likely to be wholly withdrawn during the second period of your service, but you will be able to retain your lump sum and your new salary will not be affected.

Retirement after re-engagement in the police service

Your pension benefits, if you have 2 periods of membership and you retire a second time, will be as follows:

  • if your original pension was stopped or reduced, it will come back into payment (with the addition of pensions increase if it had been stopped) – there are exceptions to this in relation to enhanced ill health pensions, and
  • your benefit in respect of your second retirement will be a separate benefit depending solely on the length and circumstances of your second period of service.

Inter-service abatement

There is no provision for abating your PPS 2006 pension if you take a job outside the police force, but your salary may be subject to 'inter-service abatement'. This applies only in the public sector where the new appointment is limited to people with either general or particular public service experience, or where there has been no general advertisement of the post and no formal competition for appointment.

Please contact us for further details about inter-service abatement.