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Certificate of entitlement

We must confirm that pensioner members living abroad remain entitled to receive their pension payment. To do this, we request that you complete a Certificate of entitlement form each year. We post this form to you to complete every October.

From time to time we must confirm that widows in receipt of a pension from the Police Pension Scheme 1987 remain entitled. We post a Certificate of entitlement form to you.

You can request that we email the form instead of posting it to you. You need a printer to print the form as it requires signatures. If you prefer the form to be sent to you by email, please contact us.

We send the Certificate of entitlement form because those living abroad are not included on the National Fraud Initiative (NFI) database in the UK. The Cabinet Office is responsible for the NFI and we must follow it. The NFI is an exercise that matches electronic data between public sector and private sector bodies. It prevents and detects fraud. For further information visit the National Fraud Initiative website.

What you need to do

You must sign and date the Certificate of entitlement form. An independent witness must confirm your signature. The independent witness cannot be a relative but can be one of the following:

  • neighbour
  • post office or bank employee
  • doctor
  • health visitor or district nurse
  • care worker.

Please return your completed form within 2 months of the date on the letter. We accept scanned copies. Email them to

If we have not received your completed certificate within the timescales, we will write to you again. We allow a further 1 month for your reply. If we still do not receive your certificate, your pension payment stops until your form is received.

If you have a Power of Attorney

If you have a Power of Attorney in place, the attorney should sign the certificate and have their signature witnessed independently.

Help with the form

Please contact us.