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PPS 2015 Declared partner

An unmarried partner is someone with whom you have a long-term relationship but to whom you are not married or with whom you have not formed a civil partnership.

If you have no spouse or civil partner, it may be possible for a survivor's pension to be paid for life to your partner on the same basis as if they had been your spouse or civil partner, but this is not automatic. For a pension to be payable, you and your partner must have completed a Pension for partners – declaration form (PDF, 158.7 KB) to confirm that all of the following apply:

  • you have lived together for a period during which your partner has been financially dependent on you, or both of you have been financially interdependent 
  • the relationship is an exclusive, committed, long-term relationship 
  • you are free to marry each other or free to form a civil partnership and neither of you is married or a civil partner or nominated as the partner of anyone else 
  • you agree to contact us if the relationship ends.

A pension will not be paid to a declared partner unless they are the subject of a joint declaration form.

On your death, your declared partner will be asked to complete a form by Kent Police in order to confirm that the statements in the joint declaration were still valid at the time of death before any benefits may be paid to your partner. Kent Police may also ask for supporting information to confirm financial dependency, such as confirmation of shared household spending or shared bank accounts.

A period of cohabitation of at least 2 years is expected for a pension to be paid to a declared partner, but Kent Police may exercise discretion to pay a pension to a declared partner in a shorter relationship.

If your declared partner is more than 12 years younger than you, their pension will be reduced to reflect the age difference. This reduction will be 2.5% for every year or part of a year over 12 years, up to a maximum reduction of 50%.

You are encouraged to complete a Pension for partners – declaration form (PDF, 158.7 KB) with your partner as soon as you consider that your cohabiting relationship is exclusive, committed and for the long-term. It is your responsibility to ensure that the information in the declaration is kept up to date.