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Forms - PPS 2015

Most of our forms are online submission.

There are a few forms that we ask you to download and sign. Please scan it, save it to your device and upload to us. Use the online enquiry and document upload form. If you are unable to scan, please upload a photo.

You can post documents and forms to the office but they may take longer to process.

Some of the documents on this page may not be suitable for users with assistive technology. Request an accessible format

Change of address

Please use this form to notify us of your change of address.

Change of personal details

Please use this form to notify us if you have changed your title, name or partnership status.

Death of a scheme member

Notify us of the death of a person who is a member of, or is in receipt of a pension from, the PPS 1987, PPS 2006, or PPS 2015. If you have notified Tell Us Once (TUO) and ticked public sector pension, you do not need to complete our form. Watch a short video about how to use TUO to tell organisations about a death just once

Divorce or dissolution request form

Written consent form for valuation and provision of information in connection with matrimonial proceedings.

Joiner pack police (PDF, 273.2 KB)

Your employer should give you a joiner pack when you join the police pension scheme. However, you can complete it here if you have not been given one. It includes a Personal Details Declaration form to request investigation into transferring pension rights into the scheme within your first 12 months of membership.

Membership tracing form

You should complete this form if you are trying to trace membership you may have in the LGPS in Kent or Kent Police Officers pension schemes.

Nomination or revocation of lump sum death grant form (PDF, 147.8 KB)

This form allows you to nominate a person to receive a lump sum death grant if you are a current member and die in service and you do not have a spouse, civil partner or declared partner. We will acknowledge receipt of your form.

Online enquiry form

Complete the enquiry form if you have an enquiry about your pension

Opt in form (PDF, 77.5 KB)

If you want to opt into the Police Pension Scheme 2015 (PPS 2015) (Pension Saving), complete this form and send it to the Payroll and Pensions Department, Kent and Essex Police, North Kent Police Station.

Opt out form (PDF, 98.7 KB)

If you want to opt out of the PPS 2015 (Pension Saving) complete this form and send it to the Payroll and Pensions Department, Kent Police and Essex Police, North Kent Police Station.

Pensions for partners - form and guide (PDF, 232.9 KB)

If you are in the PPS 2006 and unmarried, this declaration form allows you to nominate a partner to receive an adult partner's pension in the event of your death as long as certain criteria are met. You cannot complete this form if you are a member of the Police Pension Scheme 1987 (PPS 1987).

Personal details declaration form (PDF, 157.1 KB)

The form is for you to confirm your personal details and express your interest in transferring any previous pension rights. You must elect to transfer previous pension rights within 12 months of joining the scheme.

Request for early payment of deferred benefits - ill health (PDF, 116.9 KB)

Please use this form if you have left the scheme and have a deferred pension and you are considered as permanently disabled for the duties of a police officer. This will commence the process of applying to bring your deferred pension into payment early on the grounds of ill health with the consent of Kent Police.

Permission to disclose data

Give KCC Pension Section your permission to share your personal data with a company that you specify.

Transfer discharge forms - non overseas transfers only (PDF, 41.7 KB)

These forms are used when you wish to transfer your PPS benefits out of the scheme to another pension provider. You should complete the forms only when you have received transfer value quotations from us and your new pension provider and you are sure you wish to proceed. You will need to pass part of the form to your new pension provider to complete.