Tips for reducing file size

Wherever you send files, there are usually limits on how big the files can be. We also have size limits. Our online forms tell you the limits before you send files to us.

You usually take a photo or scan your file to send it to us online.

If you need to reduce your file size to fit within our limits, some tips for you are:

  1. Check your camera settings. You may be able to lower your image resolution. Please check your image is still readable before sending.
  2. Crop your photo. You may have unnecessary objects or background within your photo.
  3. Compress your photo on your device. There are many guides and applications available online to help you with this.
  4. You may have scanned all your documents together as one file. Consider splitting them out into separate scanned documents.
  5. If you have scanned documents, check the quality setting on your scanner. You may be able to reduce the quality. Please check your image is still readable before sending.
  6. Use a scanner app on your phone instead of your phone camera. A scanner app changes your photo to a PDF format and reduces the size. Sometimes they are built in. If not, visit your app store. Read how to scan documents on your iPhone or iPad or Read how to scan files as PDFs with your mobile device (Android)
  7. Do not scan or photograph any part of a document that is not required. For example, a page of text that explains what to do on the document. Only scan or photograph the parts of the documents that you needed to fill in.