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The LGPS is a public sector pension scheme. It is administered through regional pension funds. Kent Pension Fund is one of those regional funds. Kent County Council (KCC) is the administering authority for the LGPS in Kent and Kent Pension Fund. Find out about the LGPS

There is a clear distinction between KCC and Kent Pension Fund. The assets of the Fund are held completely separately to those of KCC and over 400 other participating employers in the Kent Pension Fund.

The Pension Administration Section and the Treasury and Investments Section share the day to day management of the Kent Pension Fund. Find out about our staff. We, and the Pension Fund Committee ,have responsibilities to the Fund. Find out about our responsibilities

We are not licensed to give financial advice. You should seek advice from an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA). Find an IFA in your area on the Financial Conduct Authority website. However, we can explain your LGPS pension rights.

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