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Timetable for admission to the Kent Pension Fund

Employees should not transfer to the admission body until the admission agreement and bond are formally agreed and signed by all parties. Find out about an admission agreement template (PDF, 289.4 KB) and bond template (PDF, 283.7 KB)

The timetable of deadlines for admissions to the fund is:

Deadline for receipt of applications uploaded to our websiteDeadline for finalising applicationsSuperannuation Fund Committee dates
2 February 20221 March 202230 March 2022
22 April 202219 May 202217 June 2022

Kent County Council (KCC) reserve the right to alter the dates above.

Deadline for receipt of applications uploaded to our website

The timetable shows the latest date that a copy of the completed questionnaire can be received. KCC and their legal advisers review the draft responses and advise the applicant body of any queries by email.

An applicant organisation must complete a questionnaire:

  1. Download the questionnaire (DOCX, 200.7 KB)
  2. Complete the questionnaire
  3. Save your completed questionnaire to your device
  4. Upload your questionnaire to the Treasury and Investments team

Deadline for finalising applications

The timetable shows the last date to resolve any queries and complete your application for Committee.

Superannuation Fund Committee dates

The timetable shows the dates of the Committee meetings. The application for admission body status is considered providing a completed questionnaire has been received and queries resolved by KCC and its legal advisers.