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Completion notes for the data capture spreadsheet

Complete the data capture (XLSX, 26.6 KB) including all employees who are

  • currently paying in to the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS), and
  • not paying in to the LGPS but are eligible to be in the scheme.

Send the data capture to us using our upload form.

For employees in the LGPS

Complete the National Insurance number and Pensions reference number fields. The Pensions reference number must match those previously notified to the Pension Section.

For employees not in the LGPS, but eligible to be in the scheme

State the annual Whole Time Equivalent (WTE) pensionable pay:

Term time only employees

If the employee is term time, the WTE pay should be calculated including the term-time weeks paid (including holiday entitlement).


WTE salary rate £23,000
Term-time weeks 43

Annual pensionable pay to be shown = £19,019.23 (£23,000 x 43 ÷ 52).

Actual Pay if part time

Input the annual rate of pay (including expected overtime and any lump sum payments that are regular).

This will be the total amount of pensionable pay that the member will be expected to receive in a financial year (ending 31 March):


WTE salary rate £23,000
Term-time weeks 43    
Part-time hours 18.5

Annual pensionable pay to be shown = £9,509.62 (£23,000 x 43 ÷ 52 x 18.5 ÷ 37).

For those members with non-contractual hours you may wish to use the total pensionable pay they received for the previous financial year or use their last months pensionable pay and round this up to 12 months.


State the percentage of the whole time hours worked as a decimal.


Works 18.5 hours per week whole-time equivalent hours 37

Percentage hours to be shown = 0.5 (18.5 ÷ 37.00=0.5).

Term time only employees

There is no need to adjust the percentage of hours worked by the term-time weeks paid.

Date of Birth (DOB)

Enter as xx/xx/xxxx.


Enter M of F.

Do not put anything in the Status column.