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Commercial contract

Most admission agreements are ‘hung upon’ an underlying commercial contract (or ‘other arrangement’) between the letting authority and the contractor. Kent Pension Fund (the Fund) will need to see a draft copy of the commercial contract or ‘other arrangement’ at an early stage and then a version signed by the parties to it. You may redact information if necessary.

As an alternative to the full agreement with the confidential information redacted, extracts from the agreement covering the issues listed below should be provided.

We require the following information to be extracted (and provided as scanned copy extracts of the contract):

  • the parties
  • the start date
  • the end date
  • the contractual term
  • description of or means of identifying the services to be provided under the contract
  • information identifying the client receiving the services
  • any clauses relating to possible extensions of the contractual term
  • any clauses and/or schedules relating to TUPE
  • any clauses and/or schedules relating to pensions
  • the execution clauses
  • the front page of the contract, and
  • the contents page of the contract.

It is very important that the Fund is fully informed about any changes to the commercial contract or ‘other arrangement’. In particular, 3 months before it is due to end, confirmation of whether the original commercial contract or other arrangement is being extended or not. It is our policy that the commercial contract is carried out by directors of each party listed at Companies House as directors on the date of signing.