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What your employer pays

Your employer pays the balance of the cost of providing your benefits after taking into account investment returns.

Every 3 years, an independent actuary calculates how much your employer should contribute to the scheme. The actuary conducts a valuation of the Fund. They produce an actuarial valuation report which includes details of employer contribution rates. There are over 500 employers participating in the Kent Pension Fund. If you are not sure who your employer is, you should ask your line manager.

The last valuation was in 2019. View the actuarial valuation report 2019 which includes employer rates (PDF, 2.0 MB).

The contribution rate that your employer pays does not affect your pension amount payable. The LGPS is a statutory pension fund and the calculation of your pension is set out in law. View information about calculating your pension

Find out about the contribution rates that you pay