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The retirement process

When you are thinking about retiring you should discuss your situation with your employer. If you are unsure who your employer is, ask your line manager.

Before you agree a retirement date

Your employer should request an estimate of benefits from us for you anytime within 6 months before your expected date of retirement. You are allowed one estimate within a 12 month period.

You need this estimate so you can make informed decisions. You cannot request an estimate yourself from us; the request must come from your employer. This is because they must provide us with your pay details.

When you have agreed a retirement date

When you have agreed your date of retirement your employer should write to you explaining the retirement process.

Your employer asks you to complete a retirement declaration form and return it to them.

Your employer contacts their payroll provider to request your pay details. They record these on a Pension Leaver Details (PLD) form.

Your employer sends a retirement pack to us containing:

  • Retirement declaration form (completed by you)
  • PLD (completed by the payroll provider)
  • Notification of retirement form (completed by your employer).

Payment of your pension

If the contents of the retirement pack are complete and accurate, we process your benefits within 20 working days from the date it was received, or from the date of retirement if this is later. If any document is incomplete it is returned, and the 20 working days timeline restarts when we receive the document again. Working days are Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays.

When we process your pension benefits we write to you about the payment of your annual pension and any lump sum retiring allowance that may be due.

There may be a delay if you pay Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) as further information is required.

Pre retirement course

We offer a free pre retirement course for those who have contributed to to the LGPS and are within 18 months of taking their pension. Find out about the pre retirement course