Kent Active Retirement Fellowship (KARF)

Kent Active Retirement Fellowship (KARF) was set up in 1997. Membership is available to all in receipt of a pension paid from the Kent Pension Fund, together with their spouses and/or partners.

KARF give members the opportunity to meet with other retired people with similar interests. The local branches offer activities and events, including social, cultural, educational, leisure and fellowship.

There is no restriction on the number of branches, which can differ in size from between 60 and 150 members. The branches are set up and operated by local members and individual branches are responsible for raising their own funds and for spending it as their members wish. There is an annual membership subscription which is £5. Branches can set additional charges or raise funds according to members' wishes.

Complete the KARF enquiry form to join KARF or make an enquiry.

KARF is an independent organisation. Kent Pension Fund and Kent County Council have no involvement in the running of the organisation and are not responsible for, or liable for, the activities of KARF.