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Re-employment and your pension

Kent County Council has the policy that a LGPS pension paid from the Kent Pension Fund is not affected if a pensioner is re-employed with any employer.

The only exceptions to this are if you retired before 2006 and were awarded discretionary compensation added years because you retired on the grounds of redundancy or efficiency of the service. This part of your pension may be adjusted where necessary. It is compulsory to do so and outside the jurisdiction of Kent County Council. You must tell us about your new employment.

The LGPS is administered through regional pension funds. Kent Pension Fund, from which your pension is paid, is one of those regional pension funds. Kent County Council is the administering authority for the Kent Pension Fund.

Each regional pension fund administering authority must have their own policy. It details the effect on the pension if a pensioner is re-employed with an employer that offers LGPS membership.

Some regional pension fund administering authorities have a policy where the LGPS pension plus the re-employment pay must not be more than what the person earned in the job they retired from. If you are in receipt of an LGPS pension from another regional pension fund, you should ask them what their policy is.