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The Fund actuary report

The Kent Pension Fund (the Fund) actuary will produce a report to calculate and confirm the employer contribution rate that you will be required to pay, expressed as a percentage of payroll.

In order to request an actuary report, you must complete a data capture for the staff involved. Once completed, send this to the Treasury and Investments team. Use the upload form.

All staff that are:

  • in the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS), or
  • have an entitlement to be in the LGPS

must be brought into the LGPS by the new employer on the day of the transfer. They can then opt out if they wish, although they must not be pressured into doing so. View information about scheme members opting out of the LGPS.

Staff with a contract of employment of less than 3 months who are not automatically brought into the LGPS are the exception. If they wish to join the LGPS, they must opt in. View information about joining and automatic enrolment. Staff that are age 75 or older are not entitled to be in the LGPS.

To find out more about the cost of this report, view the schedule of fees.