Contributions into a personal or stakeholder pension plan

You may be able to make your own arrangements to pay into a personal pension plan or stakeholder pension scheme at the same time as paying into the LGPS. You choose a provider which is usually an insurance company.

You may want to consider the provider's charges, alternative investments and past performance. You should take independent advice before making your final decision. Find a list of independent financial advisors on the Financial Conduct Authority website.

The contributions you make to a personal or stakeholder plan are invested in funds that are managed. You have your own personal account that builds up over time with your contributions and the returns on your investment. It will be available later in your life to convert into additional benefits. You can often choose which investment route you prefer.

What you can pay

You choose how much to pay into the arrangement. You can pay up to 100% of your total taxable earnings in any one tax year (or £3,600 if greater) into any number of pension arrangements of your choice and be eligible for tax relief on those contributions.