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Death of a deferred member

If you die before receiving your LGPS deferred benefits, your loved ones are still provided for. Benefits depend on when you stopped paying into the LGPS.

Death benefits that may be payable are:

Notify us about a death

Complete the online notification of a deceased scheme member form. If you have notified Tell Us Once (TUO) and ticked public sector pension, you do not need to complete our form. Watch a short video about how to use TUO to tell organisations about a death just once

Information for dependants (survivors and children)

As a dependant you may be entitled to a survivor's or children's pension.

A dependant in this case is a person who, at the date of death of the person who was a deferred member of the LGPS, was either their:

  • spouse
  • civil partner
  • eligible cohabiting partner
  • eligible children.

As a dependant you will need to complete a dependants declaration form which we send to you. If you have not received this form after the member has died, you should contact us.