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Divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership

You may wish to get legal advice from your solicitor about how to deal with your LGPS benefits during a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership. You and your partner may need to consider how to treat your pension rights as part of any divorce or dissolution settlement.

Your ex-spouse or ex-civil partner is not entitled to a widow's, widower's or civil partner's pension should you die before them.

Any children's pension paid to an eligible child in the event of your death will not be affected by your divorce or dissolution.

What you can do with your pension

You can divide your pension by:


You may need to get information about your pension for your divorce or dissolution. You must complete a form to request information. Find out about the process and the form

Lump sum death grant

If you have said that you would like your ex-spouse or ex-civil partner to receive any lump sum death grant payable on your death, this will remain in place unless you tell us otherwise.

If you wish to change your choice of who receives any lump sum on your death, complete an expression of wish for payment of death grant form.

State Pension

If you need a State Pension forecast for your divorce proceedings, visit GOV.UK. State Pension forecasts are provided by central government at The Pension Service.

Further information

Find out about remarrying or entering into a new civil partnership

What happens if you are awarded a pension share on divorce or dissolution in the LGPS before retirement age

We must use factors provided by the Government Actuary’s Department (GAD) for calculations. These factors can change from time to time.