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COVID-19 and your pension

View the COVID-19 FAQs for scheme members

McCloud ruling

The McCloud ruling is about discrimination in public sector pension schemes.

The government confirms that you do not have to make a claim for your pension benefits to be brought in line with this ruling. Many members will not see an increase in their pension benefits and any increase is likely to be small. We will keep you updated.

Read about the McCloud court case - FAQs for LGPS members on the national LGPS website

Exit cap payment

February 2021

The exit payment restrictions were revoked on 12 February 2021. It was concluded that the restrictions had unintended consequences. The government have stated:

  • it is still vital that exit payments deliver value for the taxpayer,
  • employers should always consider that exit payments are fair and proportionate, and
  • HM Treasury will bring forward proposals at pace to tackle unjustified exit payments.

If you think this could affect you, please contact your employer.

November 2020

On 4 November 2020 the government introduced a £95,000 cap on the total value of an exit payment to employees in the public sector. The cap includes costs to the employer for releasing a pension early. It could impact your pension. If you think this could affect you, please contact your employer.

Funding Strategy Statement (FSS) consultation

September 2021

The consultation has ended and the statement finalised.

July 2021

The Pension Fund Committee has endorsed a revised Funding Strategy Statement for consultation and responses should be submitted by 13 August 2021. Find out about the Funding Strategy Statement Consultation 2021 (PDF, 163.9 KB)

Guaranteed Minimum Pension (GMP) consultation

Members of the public and interested bodies are invited to respond to the government consultation about GMPs by 30 December 2020.

Read the written ministerial statement about GMP indexation

If you wish to respond to the consultation, please read the Public Service Pensions: Guaranteed Minimum Pension Indexation consultation

Stock markets

There have been articles in the news about the fall in stock markets and the impact on pension schemes. There may be an impact on defined contribution pension schemes, but the LGPS is a defined benefit pension scheme. It is not linked to stock market performance.

Short term investment values of the LGPS fund may vary. However, LGPS long-term investments are securely managed to address any longer term impacts.

LGPS members can be assured that their pension, whether in payment or built up to date, will be unaffected.

Woodford investment

The Kent Pension Fund has investments with the Woodford Equity Income Fund. You may have seen articles about this in the press. View the Kent Pension Fund - Woodford Equity Income Fund statement. Current, deferred, pensioner and dependent pensioner members of the Kent Pension Fund should be reassured this will not affect their pension entitlement.