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Forms for pensioner members

Most of our forms are online submission.

There are a few forms that we ask you to download and sign. Please scan it, save it to your device and upload to us. Use the online enquiry and document upload form. If you are unable to scan, please upload a photo.

You can post documents and forms to the office but they may take longer to process.

Some of the documents on this page may not be suitable for users with assistive technology. Request an accessible format

Change of address form

Notify us of your change of address.

Change to bank or building society details form (PDF, 224.4 KB)

If you are in receipt of a pension, download and complete this form to notify us of a change in your bank/building society details. We only accept a change in writing as we must verify your signature. You can post or email a scanned copy or photo to It must be received by the 10th of the month to be actioned for that month. If you move abroad, do not complete this form. Find out about payment into an overseas account. For security reasons, we cannot make any change to your bank/building society details over the phone.

Change to personal details form

Notify us if you have changed your title, name or partnership status.

Divorce or Dissolution request form

Request information about your pension for divorce or dissolution of civil partnership proceedings.

Death of a Pensioner form

Report the death of a member of the LGPS. If you have notified Tell Us Once (TUO) and ticked public sector pension, you do not need to complete our form. Watch a short video about how to use TUO to tell organisations about a death just once

Expression of wish for payment of death grant

If you have been in receipt of a pension for less than 10 years and you are under age 75, a lump sum death grant may be payable when you die. We have absolute discretion who this is paid to but it is helpful if you let us know your wishes.

Membership tracing form

Trace membership you may have in the LGPS in Kent or Kent Police Officers pension schemes.

Online enquiry and document upload form

Make general enquiries about your pension and upload documents to us.

Permission to disclose personal data

Give KCC Pension Section your permission to share your personal data with a company that you specify.

Taking a small pension as a cash lump sum (Trivial commutation request form) (PDF, 151.3 KB)

If you have a relatively small pension in payment and meet certain requirements, you can apply to exchange your regular payments for a one-off cash lump sum. View the requirements for taking a small pension as a cash lump sum . If you meet the requirements, please complete the form.