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How we keep in touch with members in receipt of a pension


A payslip is sent to your home address if your payment changes by more than £3. This means you will normally receive a payslip once or twice a year, usually in April and May following the pensions increase. We also send you a payslip if you change your back account or if your tax code changes.


A form P60 detailing your total taxable pay and tax for the financial year is sent with your April payslip. View payment information including P60s

Open Lines newsletter

The Open Lines newsletter is sent to your home address, or email address if you choose this option. We send it in spring and autumn each year.

View previous copies of Oen Lines

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Pension increase notification

We notify you about pension increase in the spring issue of the Open Lines newsletter. If you have opted out of receiving the newsletter, we write to you. View information about pensions increase