If you are a:

  • local authority controlled school that converts to academy status, the Treasury and Investments team will contact you to ensure your continued participation in the Kent Pension Fund (the Fund)
  • new free schools or academies and new Medway free schools or academies will need to contact the Treasury and Investments team as soon as there is a date for establishment.

This refers to non-teaching staff. Teaching staff are eligible to be members of the Teacher’s Pension Scheme, which is separate to the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS). For teachers’ pension purposes, a school becoming an academy will need to:

Fund actuary report

You will need a fund actuary report to:

  • confirm your employer contribution rate
  • explain what you need to do
  • detail how much it will cost.

Find out about a fund actuary report

There are many employers in the Fund, including academies. Find out about academy pools and contribution rates

When an employer joins the Fund, they accept ongoing financial liabilities. Find out about financial responsibilities as an employer

Some employers must show their pension liabilities on their annual accounts. Find out about annual accounting reports FRS102/IAS19, including the cost of a report.